Boveda 62% 2-Way Humidity Control | 04 Gram

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Boveda 62% 2-Way Humidity Control | 04 Gram

Product description

The 4 gram Boveda pack measures 2″ tall x 2″ wide. Put a Boveda Humidipak in your air tight container and relative humidity will be controlled at the RH level printed on the pack. Boveda’s 2-way humidity control is the only technology that can be pre-formulated to a specific humidity level with an accuracy of +/-2%.

  • Each 4-gram Boveda humidifies up to ½ oz (14g) of cannabis 
  • 1 pack is 2” x 2” in dimension
  • Adds and absorbs pure water vapour to maintain a precise relative humidity (RH)
  • 62% RH perfect for stickier buds, drier climates and higher altitudes
  • 15% higher terpene and cannabinoid retention than cannabis stored without Boveda
  • Humidity Packs start working when removed from bag. Totally safe to touch flower & perfect size for small medicinal containers, jars, tins and small bags


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