Flyte Charger

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Flyte charger has a universal 510 thread and plugs into any USB port for quick and easy charging of your Flyte Pen battery or other device.

Flyte is now Keyy. Orders may contain either brand, but you’ll get the same great product and flavors. 

Instructions for use:

  1. Thread battery onto the USB charger and plug into a USB port to charge
  2. When the light on USB charger turns green, remove the battery from charger and thread onto the Flyte / Keyy cartridge
  3. Place the tip of the cartridge to your lips and draw air through it 3 time. This ensures Flyte / Keyy oil will coat the ceramic coils inside. Not doing this prior to use will heat the coils dry and will result in a metallic taste. After coating coils, press the button on pen 3 times, until the light flashes. Draw air through cartridge while depressing the button.
  4. Moderate your dose by the length of time you hold the button. The longer you hold the button the faster the oil will vaporize, so be mindful.
  5. Whenever the button is depressed, remember to draw air through the cartridge.
  6. Before putting the Flyte / Keyy pen in your product, press the button 3 times to turn it off
  7. Using Flyte / Keyy cartridges with other pens/battery devices OR other cartridges with Flyte / Keyy pen/batteries is not recommended.

Flyte Pen Charger – FAQs


Step 1: Attach the battery onto the Flyte USB charger. Plug charger into your computer, or a charger port. The charger light should glow red. Once the battery is fully charged, the light will glow green. And, green means go.

Step 2: Thread cartridge onto battery. Observe the contact areas between the cartridge and battery and clear anything that does not belong there – lint, debris, dry concentrate etc.

Step 3: On and off function – Press the button a short burst of 3 times until the light on the battery starts to flash. This means your FlytePen is turned on (so turned on right now). To turn the battery off, press the button again in a burst of 3. Powering down will ensure that your FlytePen will not be activated accidentally – damaging your cart and battery.

Step 4: Go to town. To vaporize the oil, press your lips to the tip of the cartridge and begin inhaling. While inhaling, press the button. Release as you cease inhaling. This is the best way to ensure a consistently smooth pull and optimum flavour. Moderate your dosage by the duration and intensity of your inhalation.
Remember, everyone is different. It will take a few times to find your sweet spot. Low and slow is always recommended.

It depends on how long you hold it pressed during your puffs. It will usually need to be charged once per cartridge.

You must click the button 3 times. This will turn the pen on (or off if it’s already on).
Once it’s on, just hold the button for 1-3 seconds while drawing in air through the pen. Make sure you don’t press the button when you’re not puffing on it!

You absolutely should. We recommend you press the button 3 times to turn the battery off after using it. This will prevent any accidental pressing that can damage the battery, the cart, and any surrounding items.

The lifespan of your battery depends greatly on the usage and how you take care of it. Many customers are still using their standard batteries six+ months later.

The thread on the Flyte battery is 510


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