MLC Lighter – White

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MLC Lighter – White


The Jolt XS plasma lighter utilizes high-temperature arcs of electricity to cause ignition. Long gone are the days of using (and disposing of) disposable lighters. The Jolt XS plasma lighter recharges just like your phone with a comparable size and uses-per-charge to a conventional gas-fed lighter, without the taste-alteration or environmental impact.

Windproof – Plasma is substantially more wind resistant than the flame of a disposable lighter.

Eco-Friendly – USB-Rechargeable means the lighter can be used for years. This saves you money and keeps disposable lighters out of landfills.

Taste-Free – No gas means a taste-free experience. Our lighters are very popular among connoisseurs​ of cigars and cannabis for this very reason.

TSA-Approved – Our lighters are powered by a battery rather than gases (Like conventional lighters). This allows them to be brought with you on your carry-on.


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