Sovrin Extract Sauce


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Sovrin Extract Sauce
The Ultimate Dab. Sovrin Extract Sauce combines the potency of THC Distillate and the full spectrum benefits of Live Resin to provide an extract like no other. Sovrin Sauce is the hardest hitting dab out there and is not recommended for beginners.

Many seasoned smokers have said that smoking Sovrin Sauce was like getting high for the first time again, It’s that good. Try the Ultimate Dab today and you won’t want to smoke anything else.

Item Contents: 1 Gram of Sovrin Sauce

Sovrin Extract Sauce – FAQs


At Sovrin Extracts we lab test all of our cartridges. Our THC distillate was lab tested at 90.3% THC. however, each product contains different amounts of it. The Pure THC cartridge is just pure THC distillate and contains approximately 720mg THC while the Pure CBD cartridge has 0mg THC. The 1:1 cartridge is an equal mixture of CBD oil and THC distillate and contains approximately 360mg THC.

At Sovrin Extracts we only use the best ingredients available which is why we only use Full Spectrum CBD oil in our products. We chose Full Spectrum CBD over other forms of CBD like isolate or distillate because only full spectrum oil contains nearly all of the compounds that are naturally present in the cannabis plant, and is therefore believed to have a greater therapeutic effect than isolates/distillates. While isolates and distillates contain just CBD, full-spectrum oil contains CBD along with other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC and CBG, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and many other compounds.

NOTE: All Sovrin CBD products are labelled with the total amount of CBD content, not the volume of oil. So a 500mg tincture contains 500mg of CBD, not 500mg of oil.

Sovrin CBD products contain zero THC except for the 1:1 products which are a mixture of THC and CBD.

Yes, all Sovrin shatter is winterized, fully de-waxed and completely purged of all residual solvents.


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