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Sovrin Extracts Cartridge
With decades of professional experience growing medicinal cannabis, Sovrin guarantees every run and every distillation meets the highest of production standards. Their mission to create the most potent, cleanest and enjoyable cannabis products on earth, shows with every puff.

0.8 ml  Cartridge | Refillable | Fits most 510 batteries.

With a THC content just over 90% Sovrin Extract’s THC Distillate is one of the most potent products on the market. The fact that it also contains added terpenes makes this product even more impressive. Sovrin extract cartridge contains THC Distillate with only all-natural ingredients. It contains no PG/VG/PGe and no artificial colours or sweeteners.

Flavoured Line
Grape, Watermelon, Mango, Rootbeer, Orange Crush & Hubba Bubba , Gelato & Pina Colada

Chronisseur Line
Indica: Grand Daddy Purp, Bubba Kush, Banana Kush & Hard Core OG
Sativa: Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, Chocolope & Tangie
Hybrid: Blue Dream & Girl Scout Cookies,OG Kush, Train Wreck, & Grease Monkey

Limited Editions
Hybrid: Skywalker OG, Pineapple Express
Sativa: Jack Herer

Pure CBD: Mango, Mint, Lime

1:1 THC/CBD : AC/DC, Sweet Mint 

Sovrin Extract shatter is made through a BHO process and their distillate is done on a short path extraction method. The Sovrin Extract vape pens use distillate and a small amount of natural plant-derived terpenes. The terpenes are mixed to create a flavour profile as close to the plant as possible. Through using non-cannabis plant terpenes, it helps maintain a consistent flavour across the different batches. When growing cannabis the flavour will vary slightly depending on the growing and drying/curing conditions, affecting the taste in the pen.

Sovrin Extract Pen – Troubleshooting

When the battery has a charge the Sovrin logo on the tip will light up and stay lit while the battery is being used. To charge the battery screw the battery onto the supplied charger and plug it into a usb wall plug. The battery will flash a couple times and then stay lit while charging. It is fully charged when the light turns off.

If your tip (and/or battery) isn’t firing, it’s likely a connection issue. Sometimes the connecting pin on the tip (and/or battery) gets pushed in a little too much, resulting in a poor connecting between the tip and battery. All you have to do is reset the connection by pulling the connecting pin out a little bit. It doesn’t have to be perfect as the two pins pushing on each other will push them into the perfect position. See the picture below for a visual description on how to fix tip/battery issues. This can also be used to fix the connection between your battery and the USB charger.

At Sovrin Extracts we stand behind our product, and thats why we have replacement agreements with all of our great retailers. Simply explain to them the issue you are having with your Sovrin product and they’ll replace it for you. We then replace that item for the retailer. Sovrin DOES NOT send replacement products direct to consumer. Just like if you bought a Toshiba TV from Best Buy, you would return it to Best Buy and not Toshiba, the same policy applies here.

This could be caused by one of two things:

1. Your battery might be dead. See How do I tell if my battery is charged?

2. The connection between the tip and battery might need to be adjusted. See My cartridge/battery doesn’t work?

Sovrin Extract Pen – FAQs

Sovrin Cartridges and Sovrin Batteries both use a “510 connection” (M7 thread) which is compatible with most vaporizer technology on the market.

The Cartridge can be used with any battery that has a 510 connection, however the recommended wattage is between 8-10W if being used on a variable wattage device. Exceeding the recommended wattage will burn the coil and/or may damage the cartridge.
The battery can be used with most cannabis vape style cartridges that do not require a push button. The battery cannot be used with nicotine vaporizers as it does not produce enough power.

At Sovrin we started off using Ccell cartridges before they were well known on the market and since then a lot of companies have adopted the Ccell cartridge for their pens as well. We anticipated this happening and wanted to keep our competitive edge so we worked directly with a top vaporizer supplier in China to tweak the cartridge specifically for our distillate. So our carts use Ccell technology, but they are Sovrin specific. The same applies with our batteries, we custom made them to work perfectly with the coil resistance and the airflow of our cartridges. So while others may look similar, if you’re looking for the Sovrin experience make sure to purchase from a trusted retailer and look for the Sovrin Crown on our products.

Sovrin batteries come ready to use out of the box, however they come with approximately a 70% charge. You do not need to charge it before using, you only need to charge it once it has become fully depleted.

Sovrin batteries output at 3.7volts.

Sovrin Extracts uses only pure extracted ingredients in our cartridges. The only ingredients used are THC distillate, Full Spectrum CBD oil and terpenes. Our products contain zero fillers/bulking agents/thickeners/VG/PG/PGe/MCT/or any diluent of any kind.

At Sovrin Extracts we lab test all of our cartridges. Our THC distillate was lab tested at 90.3% THC. however, each product contains different amounts of it. The Pure THC cartridge is just pure THC distillate and contains approximately 720mg THC while the Pure CBD cartridge has 0mg THC. The 1:1 cartridge is an equal mixture of CBD oil and THC distillate and contains approximately 360mg THC.

At Sovrin Extracts we only use the best ingredients available which is why we only use Full Spectrum CBD oil in our products. We chose Full Spectrum CBD over other forms of CBD like isolate or distillate because only full spectrum oil contains nearly all of the compounds that are naturally present in the cannabis plant, and is therefore believed to have a greater therapeutic effect than isolates/distillates. While isolates and distillates contain just CBD, full-spectrum oil contains CBD along with other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC and CBG, as well as terpenes, flavonoids and many other compounds.

NOTE: All Sovrin CBD products are labelled with the total amount of CBD content, not the volume of oil. So a 500mg tincture contains 500mg of CBD, not 500mg of oil.

Sovrin CBD products contain zero THC except for the 1:1 products which are a mixture of THC and CBD.

Yes, all Sovrin shatter is winterized, fully de-waxed and completely purged of all residual solvents.


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