Hashashin | Hash

THC: 55%

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Hashashin Hash

The Hashashin were a religious group that thrived from the 11th – 13th century.
Hashashin means “ taker of hashish “ The Hashashin used hashish to create mystic visions and ready themselves for battle.
The word assassin is derived from these Hashashin , who leaders of kingdoms in the Middle East paid vast sums of money to carry out assassinations.
There are still a few members of this sect today and although they have given up the dark history of assassination one such member is carrying on the ancient hash making tradition of purity, using nothing but selectively harvested high grade cannabis as it’s only ingredient.

Find out why this is the highest quality hashish in the world.

There is only one Hashashin.

No Fillers … Just Pure,  Highest Quality Hash

EFFECTS : Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted
MEDICAL : Anxiety, Depression, Pain.


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