Mach 1 | CBG Pre-Rolls

THC: 26% | CBG 20%

$7.00 - $100.00




Mach 1 is considered by many to be one of the mystical “Royal” strains. A perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid that through its complex lineage is related not only to Cookies and the Kush family but also Durban Poison and Chemdawg. Beautiful buds that are so covered in trichomes it looks like they were caught in a snow storm.

Our CBG flower was organically grown by us using zero chemicals or sprays resulting in beautiful, dank, unadulterated CBG buds.

Aside from CBG’s vast medical attributes, when blended with high THC cannabis it not only extends the length of the high but it also greatly reduces the anxiety that some suffer from when consuming high THC products.

CBG fosters a sense of wellbeing and helps maintain homeostasis.

FLAVOR : Smooth and creamy taste punctuated by a groovy terpene profile

FEELING : Uplifted, energetic, euphoric

HELPS WITH : Depression, stress, anxiety

A truly fantastic strain that can be enjoyed day or night

For more details about CBG refer to our CBG Guide.


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