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Golden Teacher mushroom is a famous strain, highly sought by shroomers, researchers and growers. It belongs to the psychedelic mushroom species. The exact origin of this psilocybe cubensis strain is unknown, with most believing its origin in Florida, first appearing during the 1980s. The golden caps of Golden Teachers make the plants highly recognizable. The plants have larger caps and stems, as compared to most Psilocybe cubensis strains. Golden Teachers contain Psilocybin and psilocin as the most active elements.

You can use Golden Teacher mushrooms by crushing dried shrooms into powder to smoke. However, this may not have any effects as the high temperatures break down Psilocybin. You can also ingest the mushrooms orally or add them to food or drinks.

The Golden Teacher magic mushroom offers a mild high psychedelic effect. This makes it an ideal strain for beginners. Additionally, Golden Teachers mushroom have spiritual effects. Therefore, most spiritual healers use Golden Teacher mushrooms to restore the spirit and the mind. It also delivers a feeling of enlightenment, helping one to connect with nature. The thought-provoking and philosophical effects associated with using Golden Teacher shrooms earn the title” the teacher.” Golden mushrooms create a euphoric feeling.

Growing Golden Teacher mushroom is relatively easy, even for novice growers.  These magic shrooms are friendly as they do quite well, even in less than optimal conditions. You can either use a Golden Teacher grow kit or Golden Teacher spores. Golden Teacher mushrooms do not produce as many fruits as the other psilocybe cubensis strains. However, the fruits are larger, the average fruit reaching heights of about five inches. As compared to large Golden Teacher mushrooms, smaller and medium-sized mushrooms have higher concentrations of Psilocybin.

Golden Teacher Shroom Description

The Golden teacher mushroom earns its strain name from its golden caps. The plants have large stems and caps. The plants have an elegant appearance. It have a distinguishable and slightly curved cap making up a fruiting body. The shrooms have ashy red coloured caps, which can extend to a diameter of up to 8cm. Golden Teacher shrooms have gills varying from whitish to purple-brown. The first Golden Teachers produced during the first flush are medium-sized. Later on, these mushrooms from the second and subsequent flushes increase in size.

Golden Teacher Shrooms Effects

This strain offers a high psychedelic effect, though mild, making it ideal even for beginners. It have shamanistic/spiritual properties. Therefore, spiritual healers use this strain as a tool to heal the patient’s mind and spirit. Upon using Golden Teacher shrooms, one feels they are deeply connected to nature. One also experiences a feeling of being enlightened.  The golden mushroom teaches users by providing transcendence and new psychedelic experiences. Like most shrooms, hallucinogenic effects accompany the use of Golden Teacher mushrooms. The effects may take about twenty minutes to kick in but take 4-10 hours to fade, depending on the dosage used.


 Golden Teacher Mushroom Medical Uses

The recommended dose is 1 gram-2.5 grams for the dried mushrooms of this strain. A dosage of 1 gram should be enough to propel effects in beginners. A higher dosage between 2-3 grams is relatively high for beginners. Spiritual healers use it to drive users to gain new insight about themselves and the universe. These shrooms are also useful in restoring the users’ mind and spirit.

Golden Teacher magic mushroom side effects

Like all mushroom strains, Golden Teacher mushrooms cause hallucinogenic effects to the users.  The experience is more visionary with hallucinations. When used in high doses, they can cause adverse effects to the users.


Tripping on Golden Teacher magic shrooms offers you a magical experience, with a reconnection to nature, inner thoughts as well as enlightenment within. When tripping on golden teachers mushrooms for the first time, it is essential to be in the company of a trip sitter. The trip sitter should remain sober to handle any cases of emergency on your end. It is also essential not to exceed the given dosages as this may be overwhelming. Also, don’t mix these shrooms with weed or alcohol. Lastly, take plenty of water to flush out the Psilocybin.



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