Orange Skunk | AAAA | Hybrid | Sativa Dominant | Big Buds | By Island Organix

THC: 18 %


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The Strain

Orange Skunk : Californians are a proud bunch and when they do something right, they stamp their names all over it. Known as the Original California Orange Skunk, this strain comes to us from two incredibly delicious buds, California Orange and Skunk #1. This dank bud by Expert Seeds offers users a flavorful high that leaves you physically relaxed and free from stress and anxiety.

With a moderate offering of 16% THC on average, this high is not going to blow you out of this universe, but it will get you warm and fuzzy off of just a couple of hits. If you’re a fan of the Skunk family, Orange Skunk will fit right in with its pungent odor and citrus palette. These grape shaped nugs are a gorgeous lime green color with orange and yellow hairs and dusty white trichomes.

Ethically grown by Island Organix. Our mindful gardeners never use bud hardeners or harsh chemicals in the growing process providing the best clean burning,  high quality, smooth tasting flower. 


Euphoric, Energetic & Happy

Orange Skunk is often used for its sedative-like properties and soothing tingles which make it great for pain, headaches, and muscle spasms. It smoothes over the aches and tension that lead to those chronic conditions and users love the relief it offers. For those that suffer from a severe lack of appetite, this hunger stimulating strain is a perfect companion for meal prep. Enjoy its sweet flavors before breakfast, lunch, or dinner and catch up on those calories.

Orange Skunk gives a blend of flavor and stank, which has Skunk lovers over the moon. Enjoy this bud at breakfast or lunchtime and look forward to an active and invigorating high to carry you through the hours following. When it’s time to wind down, ease off the high with your favorite snack and a good book.



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